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Chinese Speaking Conference 二〇二三年春季美中南華語特會


Conference with Minoru Chen


Poland Gospel Team


Peggy Payne’s Memorial

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2022 Spring South-Central Regional Chinese-Speaking Conference (Houston, TX)

General Subject

The Divine Building for the Accomplishment of God’s Eternal Economy Issuing in the Reality of the Body of Christ to Consummate the New Jerusalem

Chinese (Message 1 – 5)

Message 1 (Chinese)
Message 2 (Chinese)
Message 3 (Chinese)
Message 4 (Chinese)
Message 5 (Chinese)

English (Message 1 – 5)

Message 1 (English)
Message 2 (English)
Message 3 (English)
Message 4 (English)
Message 5 (English)

2022.03.06 (Houston, TX)

Lord’s Day Fellowship (Brothers Willie, Obi, Joel visiting)

Audio Recording

2022.02.27 (Houston, TX)

Lord’s Day Fellowship regarding the situation in Europe (Ukraine).

Audio Recording

Letter from the saints in UA.

Link to the letter

Those who would like to offer for the needs of the saints in Ukraine can give through
LME. Instructions for sending a check through postal mail and for sending gifts by wire
can be found at lordsmove.org/offerings.html. Instructions for those who wish
to give through ACH transfer or through the PayPal Giving Fund can find instructions
at www.lordsmove.org/e-offerings.html (please follow instructions there concerning the
way to designate your offering, especially if you give through the PayPal Giving Fund).
Those who wish to offer through PayPal or by a debit or credit card can find
instructions at www.lordsmove.org/e-offerings-other.html. No matter what way you give,
please designate your offering for “Ukraine.http://lordsmove.org/offerings.html


Lord’s Day Corporate Meeting


Lord’s Day Corporate Meeting

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