2017.12.08 – 2017.12.10 (Houston, TX)

2017 Houston Christian Conference

The Tree of Life

2017.5.14 (Houston, TX)

Special Fellowship regarding the Atlanta Conference 2017

Living in the Reality of the Kingdom of God – Atlanta, GA – May 6-8, 2017

Full length audio recordings of the Conference are available at:



2017.4.30 (Houston, TX)

Special Fellowship regarding the Lord as our Shepherd

Rick Scatterday, Dennis Higashi

2017.03.10 (Houston, TX)

2017 Chinese Speaking Conference

Brother Albert Lim

2017.01.15 (Houston, TX)

2017 Houston Special Fellowship regarding Children and Young People

2017.01.08 (Houston, TX)

Houston Monthly Corporate Gathering
Brother Joe, Fergus and Bill

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